A New Way To Experience Photography

We Dream. We Create. We Inspire.

Over the past few years our group has grown. The new models that are constantly being added are wonderful and delightful while are members grow in talent and experience. We are blessed to have such a friendly and creative group all willing to work towards an amazing experience.

We are a photography group dedicated to helping each other learn and grow.

Through Models and Cameras you will have the opportunity to work with talented models, designers, artists at some amazing locations. We start with a strong foundation of wonderful people and add in all the special details to bring it together. At our workshops you will get to shoot with models one-on-one using your own gear and ideas in various locations.

Setting up photo shoots can be difficult. Let us do what we do best so you can focus on capturing more of the photos you love.

Creative Freedom

We strive to create an environment that allows you to enjoy your creative freedom. Let us set the scene so you can direct away and get the images you seek and bring your story to life.

Amazing Locations

Many say that location is everything and most of the time we would agree. Amazing shoot locations are hiding in your own neighborhood or as near as your backyard but often it is fun to shoot in a special place. Searching for new and wonderful locations is a fun task for us and a reward you will enjoy.

Talented Artists

New talent is waiting to be discovered everyday and we are keeping our eyes open. If you are interested in modeling let us know, no experience needed. We provide our models with the tools, resources and opportunities to succeed and all on their own. Make-up and hair enhances so many images from the fun and creative to the glamorous.

Wardrobe + Props

Wardrobe and Props can really stand out in a photo. Steampunk is one of our favorite topics and all the extras that will bring really help tell the story. Not only do we enjoy making our own props and wardrobe but encouraging others to participate as well.

Building your portfolio has never been easier or quicker.

Our shoots will give you the chance to work with talented and beautiful models. Your photos will take a step up and others will notice as well.

We strive to create a safe, fun and creative environment. It has been wonderful to have such wonderful members that make this group so special. Our members love what we are doing and we are thrilled.

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